River Walking

Ally & Me (with some Curious George fellas playing in the river behind us)

We have had the greatest weather this weekend. Indiana is one of the craziest places to live when it comes to shaky weather. I’m from Florida and while we do experience quite a bit of rain and an occasional hurricane…..we mostly can rely on it being hot or hotter! I never knew such wonderful season’s existed outside of my little Florida girl world. Since we’ve lived in Indiana (almost 10 years now) my husband and kids refuse to leave. They love the cold winter with all of it’s snowy beauty and the fall…..oh ya’ll. You just have to see it. I really love it myself. It’s my favorite time of year, hands down!

This weekend….was warm and sunny with the most delicious breeze! We’ve had rain and yuck mixed with coooooold misery for so long. It was just time for some “get ready for summer” weather. We had to turn on our air-conditioning because it was a little bit too summery. Still, I loved it! I wore shorts and the girls were in tank tops (well, we had on other items too). But, you get the idea.

We took a trip to the Sassafrass Festival yesterday afternoon in downtown Vernon. It’s usually a busy happening thing each year. We were a little late on arriving and most of the booths were closing down. We had a goal in mind…..get the Sassafrass stuff for Nana! She has told us stories about having sassafrass tea (which they offered me some of yesterday….I declined) and we knew this would make her day. So, Nana….we have a present for you and the directions with what to do with it.

Once we left the festival…we stopped off at a fun little hiking spot and ventured down to the river. It was great to get out and play. We ran into other people doing the very same thing. We enjoyed climbing the rocks and even took time to do a little photo memory making! You can never have too many pictures of your family and friends! Memories last forever.

Ally & Tyler

Ally & Gates (oh yea…..Gates has bangs now! Isn’t she cute?) Hey, there’s those boys again!

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