Wanna go?

I just found out the senior trip information has been posted. I was asked to chaperone this year (back in the first semester of school) and now I’m all like, huh? What? Senior trip, already? Oh snap! I better get ready!

The trip is a little different this year. Usually they go to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and take on several activities while there. This time it’s Chicago! I love Chicago! My son, however….not so much! He was disappointed! His last trip there was a bit crazy (the rest of us loved it…but he was miserable).

We took a whirlwind trip during spring break to Chicago by bus….the Megabus. I love telling about it. I call it our “white trash trip to Chicago”. Everything we did was at a fraction of the normal cost and it was so much fun! Megabus is a charter company that gives huge price discounts that vary from day to day. In other words, if I want to go to Chicago from Indy…I would get on and scan the dates and prices and then CLICK! Buy my tickets. My family went roundtrip for a total of $32. Yes, that’s to Chicago and back for a total of $32 for all five of us.

Then hubby got online and bid on a hotel in the area where we knew were VERY NICE hotels. He took a stab at $65 bucks for a night. It came right back accepted. We stayed in a $240 a night hotel for $65. We loved it! We were across the street from The Drake Hotel. Just to park at our hotel would’ve cost more than our stay price. We arrived around 11:30am and they let us go ahead and check in. They provided an afternoon snack bar (nachos, baked pot. w/fixings, etc.). Oh yea, my kids liked that! Are you picking up on a theme yet? Yea, we’re a bit rednecky! Maybe!

We toured the city by all the different choices of travel. Subway, trolley car, and foot! We didn’t take a taxi because we didn’t really have a need to. We had no fixed schedule, we just went where we wanted and did whatever came up. We especially loved going to Navy Pier. The kids really loved walking down in China town. We had a great meal there and brought home the most amazing pastries. And it was SO CHEAP!!! Loved it!

We caught our bus back home that night (a three hour tour) and have the funniest memories of it all. We have laughed about that trip so many times. This go around will be a little different. He will have his friends along and get to see a Chicago Cubs game. That’ll make him happy. May 15th will be here in no time so I better get myself psyched up. The bus ride is my least favorite part. Mix that with a hundred teenagers that I’m partly responsible for and you have a possibility of stress. I’m not too worried though. These kids are a blast! And….so is Chicago! Woohoo!

Here’s the list! Wanna go? 🙂

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