Haircuts & Change

Gates & Me!

I got a little crazy with my haircut on Thursday. I told Sheila (my favorite stylist, ever) to cut it….and give me bangs! She was all like, “huh? what? are you sure?”. How bad can it be, is what I was thinking. Anyway, she did it and I love it. I’m also a new and darker color….as you can see.

Ever since then…..people have been stopping in their tracks to comment about my new look. Who knew? I would have done it years ago….. I am so old now, haircuts don’t really scare me like they used to. I remember crying my head off over a haircut the first year I was married. I regret being so dramatic now…but at the time….I was sure I looked like a dork! Now, I don’t worry so much. I am clearly a dork (at least that’s what my teens think) so anything I do can only improve my dorkiness!

Don’t be afraid of change. Time has a way of locking us in and holding us hostage to habit. We do that in our spiritual lives too. Don’t let your relationship with God get boring and neutral. Spice it up and make it new everyday. Maybe find a friend to be a prayer partner. You will love having someone to share needs and worries with. You will grow and change for the better as well. Let God make you new…..people will notice and the comments will boost you up! I promise!

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