Rocket Man

Tyler Mote
(Athlete of the week photo)tyler-mote

Bragging time. I claim him not because he’s such an awesome athlete…..but because he’s the one my girl loves. He’s also a super kid and athelete. We’re really proud of him (sorta like he’s our own) and all that he works so hard to accomplish. He pushes himself not just because he wants to be the best…..but because he really likes what he’s doing. He’s an amazing athlete!

Yesterday was the first track meet I’ve been able to attend. Every week something has been going on to prevent us from seeing him fly. He really does fly… a rocket! 🙂 I stole that title from his Aunt Lori’s foreign exchange student, No-no (yes that is her name). She says, “Tyler Mote is like a freakin ROCKET!!” (said with the most serious face). She’s so funny! I laughed and laughed.

So I just wanted to brag on him a little. He’s worth it! Congratulations, Rocket Man! You were great! I’m very proud of you!

Tyler Mote racing to win! from Wanda Staton Galloway on Vimeo.

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