Best job in the world… it involves blogging, ya’ll!

It was this time last year that serious concern was an understatement regarding hubby and employment. He had been without a J O B for three very long months by this point. I’ll just say it, WE WERE FREAKING OUT!!!! It’s something I pray never happens to us again. With the economy like it is right now….people are suffering the same fate all over our country. But not this lucky guy!

The job was advertised as “Best Job in the World” by the tourism department of Queensland State in Australia. The candidates had to submit a video application and from there the contestants were narrowed down to finalists. From what the story revealed, the system couldn’t keep up with all the applicants and the site crashed due to overload. Hmm, go figure!

The job? Live on an island off the Great Barrier Reef! Yea, that’s what I said. LIVE THERE! Oh he has to work too ya’ll. He is required to swim, snorkel, sail, fish, explore and BLOG! Umm, that job is calling MY NAME!!!! How did I miss this one? 🙂

When I first heard the story….my thought was, “Hmm, I bet it’s one of those survivor challenge stories”. Who cares? Well, once I heard the real deal…my jaw dropped. This really is an incredible opportunity. The guy who won has to be so excited. I am and I didn’t even get the job. Wow!

Oh, the pay? $111,000.00 for six months! I could probably make it on that, how about you? I mean, come on. His job is to bring in more tourists….so he’s getting paid to “LIVE IT UP” and make you want to visit there! Can you even imagine? Geez! He starts work….July 1st and he can bring his girlfriend along. Oh the perks never end, huh?

This made me think…. What would my dream job be? I’m not sure. I certainly wouldn’t turn down an offer to advertise an island of luxury, WOULD YOU? Go check it out!

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