Why I like being a mom

I have been “mothering” all of my life. From the time I was a little girl all I wanted to do was be a mom. I played the part of the mom in every make believe scenario with my cousins and friends. When I was a teenager, I would dream of my future and the children I knew I would have someday. I even carried around baby name books (weird, I know) because I wanted to have the perfect names for the kids I knew God would give me. Can you tell I really wanted to be a mom? Not so badly that I would do anything crazy…..like have a baby out of wedlock. I wanted the whole package….hubby…..then babies! 🙂

I found my true love when I was 22. We got married and that first year of marriage….I had my first baby, Gavin. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was even better than I’d ever dreamed it could be. Being a mom was the greatest gift God had ever blessed me with and it’s only gotten better over the last 18 1/2 years. With Sunday’s special Mother’s Day approaching, I thought I’d tell you a few reasons why I like being a mom.

~ Holding them in my arms when they were babies.
~ Rocking them.
~ Teaching them about Jesus and His love for them.
~ Being the one they wanted for comfort.
~ Looking into their eyes.
~ Hearing them call my name, Mom….Mama..Moooooooooom! 🙂
~ Listening to them. Stories, recollections, funny things they say…
~ Singing with them.
~ Bedtime lovin. Even still today.
~ Going places with them.
~ Watching them grow. Painful but good…really.
~ All the notes, cards and words they’ve blessed me with.
~ Hearing them say things like..”Mama, you are da best cooker!”.
~ Playing, camping, swimming, biking, hiking, beaching, canoeing, theme parking, ballgaming, friend hanging, family hanging..all of it. So fun! When it’s with them!
~ That feeling of when someone compliments one of them. My heart beats a little faster….I’m so proud. Because I know it’s true.
~ Knowing that they choose to follow God for themselves….not for me.
~ Seeing them “get it”!
~ Watching how they love their Dad. MADLY UNCONDITIONALLY!
~ Knowing they trust me and rely on me.
~ Teaching them about life.
~ The smart conversations that I have with them. They know stuff!
~ Seeing their compassion for other’s.
~ Being a part of their future.
~ Knowing that…no matter what….I will always be their mom!


You knew. You blessed me with just the children I needed. I prayed but you had something even better in store for me. I am forever grateful for the gift of being a mother. It has been my greatest blessing and honor. Being called mama by Gavin, Ally and Gates has been my privilege. How can I ever ask for more?

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