She really is …. just a baby!

Not only is time ticking for my sweetboy….but my baby is growing up too. Last night was her very special 8th grade dance! This is the equivalent of the high school prom (without the long gowns & tuxedo’s…oh and limo’s). Anywho. You get the picture….it’s a big deal! She is the last of my brood to attend the blessed event and knew a little about the whole process. She watched her sister/bff do it just two years earlier. So she knew what she did and did not want to do.

Her dress had to be “one of a kind”. Cause everybody knows it ain’t cool be replicated at your big deal dance! Think, Katelyn ______ last year! She was so wearing the same dress as _______!!! DISASTER!!! Then, she did not want her hair to look like everybody else’s. Umm, have you seen Gates hair? It’s beautiful! Nobody else has hair like that…..except her sister and she wasn’t going to be there for sure! So, we went to see Sheila and she tamed down the curls and made her look glam! I’ve already told you about finding the shoes….that was last weekend and they were HOTT! Girlfriend was lookin so fine!

The rain tried to put a damper on the night. It stopped just in time for drop off. All the punks kids looked great! Parents and teens were all over snapping pictures. Our girl? Wouldn’t stop and pose….so we snapped shots of her from the view she left us with. Her backside! 🙂 We walked away….realizing that our baby may be growing up but she’ll always be our baby.

She looked beatiful! And NO ONE ELSE HAD HER DRESS ON!! 🙂

Gates Morgan Galloway (foxiest chick at the dance)

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