Things I don’t really like

I drive my family crazy! I admit it! They think I’m wacky! Maybe I am….who knows? But there a few things that I just don’t “really” like. I try to be positive about most things. Really, I do. Still, there are some things that I just can’t get a grip on. Wanna know? Ok, here goes…

Bad drivers! Yep, my family thinks I have road rage! I feel so frustrated by those who cannot make simple decisions when behind the wheel of a car. Mean, I know….but I can’t help it!

Terrible service in restaurants or stores! Oh man, this drives me bonkers! I like to be friendly! I enjoy it when someone talks to me and acts polite, don’t you? Why is this so difficult in our society? Think, SERVING OTHER’S!

Mean people! This one…oooooo it gets me, ya’ll! Why do people have to be so mean-spirited and unkind? It causes so much heartache. Jesus was never mean…..I want to be more like Him everyday. Before you say something that will hurt another person…think! Will this help them in anyway? If not….don’t say it! Be nice! 🙂

Messy cars, houses, bedrooms! Aaaahhh they stress me out! I want to run away. I am not nearly as anal as my mother about this…but I really don’t like living messy! It makes me feel overwhelmed and anxious!

Unruly kids! What is the deal? The longer I’m in education…the more I want out! I LOVE my job! But the bad behavior is becoming unbearable! Kids….pick an age group (I work with high school teens) have NO RULES or BOUNDARIES holding them back. They are rebellious and the parents are contributors of it. Very sad! I still cling to ….there is hope!

Ham! See, I told you I was wacky. I just don’t really like ham! It’s’s just not my favorite thing to eat. I mean, I will eat it. But I don’t ever crave ham. Ever!

Spiders, bugs, snakes! Nope! Do NOT LIKE THEM! They are horrible creatures and they are on a mission to GET ME! I just know it! Frogs…..I love them. I will catch them. But bugs…..ummm, NO WAY!

Check him out! He assaulted me in my laundry room this weekend. Yea, he jumped on my hand and ran up my arm. What did I do? I SCREAMED!!! I jumped around and went pretty much crazy. My family thinks I’m wacky…..but this is where I draw the line!


Can you see the gargantuousness of him? It was awful!

Oh and everybody knows flushing spider’s down the toilet is surely the death of them, right? Uhh…not to me, people! Remember that song The Itsy Bitsy Spider…..he didn’t die! He just got washed away…

See why I’m so crazy?

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