Senior Trip to Chicago

We departed at 4:30am on Friday morning….arrived in Chicago at around 9:00am. Shopped until 12:00pm on Michigan Avenue…..headed to the Cubs game (then the rain came tumbling down). I sat on the bus because I know these things….it was raining way too hard for a ballgame. Everybody came filing back, soaked! No game! Bummer!

We spent the next sweet forever stuck in traffic trying to make it to our ROCKIN hotel! Key Lime Cove. It was incredible! The hotel was so clean and beautiful. Everyone loved it. I wished my other kid’s were there to enjoy it with us. I tried to capture some of the fun with my camera….but one, I’m not the best photog and two, it had weird lighting that kept interfering with each picture. I posted what I did take on Facebook. Curfew was at 11:30pm which wasn’t hard to keep….everyone was so tired!

The next morning was beautiful. Sunny, clear and a bit windy. Our big plans for the day included Six Flags. It was perfect weather for running around and riding rollercoasters. We had so much fun. I even rode this! It was amazing! I loved it….after I got over the fear. 🙂 I was putting on my game face….but inside…..I was freaking out! But I’m glad I did it.

Being on the trip was bittersweet. I had such a great time but realized this was the end of school trips for my sweetboy. It’s been fun tagging along on his many adventures. We’ve been many places in the last 13 years…..farms, caves, statehouses, zoo’s, parks, museums….movies! All sorts of fun spots. I’ve enjoyed them all (hubby too).

Here’s the whole gang as we were leaving Six Flags. Good times!

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