No warm fuzzies, Mr. President

I live in the great state of Indiana (home to University of Notre Dame) and the controversy over President Obama’s visit has been intense. Those who disagree are speaking out regarding “his” view on abortion versus what the Catholic church stands for. They’re not happy (nor should they be)! The protests have been the big news. I’m sure you’ve caught a glimpse or seven.

I can’t help but think about the students graduating. All the money spent on their education at this university (which ain’t cheap, ya’ll) and the time invested to get to this point. What a shame to be caught up in such a media hoopla as this. This graduating class has had to take a backseat to the frenzy of garbage. If I were a parent……oh how aggravated I would be. Afterall, doesn’t this man get enough attention as it is? Come on!

That’s just my opinion! But after seeing a little more coverage of the actual event it appears he was not lovingly embraced by everybody. He did receive a standing ovation (duh, he is the President ya know). Still. Why make the greatest milestone of these students life a mockery?

I’m just sayin!

I like what Dr. Al Mohler says here regarding the President’s visit to ND.

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