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robin-mcgrawI’ve been carrying this book around for a sweet forever! It’s been a busy season since I received it from the good people at Thomas Nelson Publishing. I’ve had to read it in spurts. So, for what it’s worth…..I have completely read it now and here goes my young 42 year old opinion.

What’s AGE Got To Do With It? by Robin McGraw

I was attracted to this book for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I had read her first book and really liked it. Robin has the cutest personality and she seems like someone I could have as a close friend. Second, is the topic… your happiest and healthiest life! Well, duh. Who at my age wouldn’t want to figure that mystery out? No one, that’s who!

Robin gets very personal with the loss of her own mother at the age of 60. She was raised in a way that many of us experienced as well… a mama that did everything for everybody, neglecting her own well-being in the meantime. She just did and did until she could do no more. I could completely relate to her. I tend to do way more than the law should allow and then feel rotten for it later. This book reminded me…STOP IT! So, thank you to Robin for that wake up call.

There were some things that just rubbed me wrong in the book. Not everyone has access to all the experts that Robin has. It seemed to be a bit much sharing names of all the high priced people she has in her rolodex. I do not condemn her for having the best at her fingertips….but the reality that you or I can call up doctor so-and-so for “advice” is preposterous! I was really turned off by that. Face it, celebs have the “in” with other elite folks, period. That’s just how it works!

I really enjoyed the skin care tips and the last chapter regarding her faith. One can never have too much knowledge when it comes to looking better or knowing how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be. For me, the book was ok. I would give it a 5….out of a 1-10 scale (10 being excellent). A good book to me is one that I’ll go back to again and again for what I like to call, reminder reading! This one, I won’t be picking up anytime soon. Matter of fact, I’m gonna share it with some lucky reader in a giveaway soon. I’ll be sure to let you know when!

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