Thank you….for my freedom!

How do you say thank you for such a thing as freedom? I, along with millions of other American’s walk around everyday without a care in the world for physical safety. Yet, across the continent there are people (actual breathing humans) that cannot feel that same security. They live in fear….fear of their own government! Fear that if they say or do anything that is against the rules….they will be killed for it.

I’m aware of the blessing it is to be an American! Are you? I find it hard to tolerate ignorant people that disrespect this country and all that it stands for. Young people lashing out against the flag or the pledge of allegiance. Ridiculous! It is a privilege to live in the USA and it wouldn’t be possible without the many who serve and have served in our military.

I stand proud today… call myself an American! I hope that wherever you are…..celebrating your freedom that you are mindful of why you are able to do so. May God bless our military and all the families that have sacrificed a loved one for our freedom. Thank you!

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