Let me out!

I know I’ve mentioned a time or twenty how busy and hectic my life has been the last few weeks. It’s those kids! They keep me hopping from one thing to the next. I haven’t had a moment to stop and smell the coffee in I don’t know how long. Most of the focus the last week or so has been on G A V I N !!! He had banquets to attend, parties to plan, a birthday…graduation… blah blah blah!

Last night I spent a little time with hubby in the hot-tub. We sneak out every once in a while and have a real live uninterrupted conversation. We should do this every night….but who has the time? Not me! Remember, I’m busy! 🙂 Afterwards, I go in and shower before heading to bed. When I opened the bathroom door to come out…THIS IS WHAT I SAW…


What in the world? WHO DID THIS? Hey, let me out!!

I squeezed my way out and started room by room looking for the prankster. Each one claiming innocence until I opened Sweetboy’s door. He couldn’t look me in the eye and started cracking up! Very funny, I say! Is that how you treat your mom? Lock her in the bathroom with a spare mattress that just happens to be leaning up in the hallway?

Huh? What’s a mattress doing leaning in the hall, you say? Oh please… don’t act like you don’t have an extra mattress in your hallway! Get real, people!

Okay, we have it as an extra spot for sleepover’s and the what have you. Normally, it’s in the storage room. Once it comes out….we tend to move it all over because someone will want to use it. I hereby proclaim, it’s going to be put away tomorrow! No more pranks! Yea, right!

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