Happy Father’s Day, Honey!


I have a great guy! He loves me beyond words. Sometimes he’s a bit bossy and other times he’s a little immature. But all in all…..I love him! He isn’t perfect! But neither am I! Only one man owns the perfect crown and that’s Jesus. I believe it was Jesus that brought us together. Only He could work out such a pair. Goodness knows, we’ve done our share to wreck the relationship. Thankfully, God is and always will be our center! So, honey…..when it comes to you and me…..Ain’t no mountain high enough!

On your special day…..I thought I’d share a few reasons why I think you’re a great dad. You’re the only dad I’ve known that’s been in my life consistently this long. So, thank you for sticking with me and loving me like you do. You’re wonderful!

—When I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, Gavin….you stood straight up out of the chair in the doctor’s office and hugged me with excitement. I’ll never forget that! It made me feel amazing!

—You sped like a madman all the way to LRMC when I went into labor with that same sweet baby. You were not going to have any mishaps on your “dad” watch. Who knew there would be problems?

—You insisted that Gavin needed siblings! I felt satisfied with the one God had given us. You won! Those two girls……owe you more than they know, huh? I’m glad you were pushy on this one! 🙂

—When Ally was born….you raced out and bought all sorts of pink girly stuff and brought it back to the hospital. There was no way you were gonna let “your” girl be mistaken for a baby boy! That started that princess syndrome up right then….thankyouverymuch! 🙂 ps. oh thank you for all the times you had to carry me to the bathroom when I was pg with Ally!

—From the day we brought home our first baby…..you did everything to help care for them (except you know……nurse them).

—You have a power over all three of them that no one else on this earth will ever have. They adore you! They think you are incredible (even when you fall short)!

—When we found out we were having a third baby…..you were cool as a cucumber! Me, not so much! You taught me alot about trusting God through that.

—Every opportunity you had…you willingly wrestled, threw baseballs, played frisbee, shot guns, brushed curly haired girls heads, rocked babydolls, and listened to countless “shows”. They’ll never forget!

—As a dad of teenagers now…..you’re there! Just about anytime they need you for something, they know you will do whatever it takes to help them out. Thanks for the many school runs you’ve made over the years.

—You’re openly loving with your kids. Therefore, they are openly loving people too. That’s a great quality to have.

—You’ve got a great mind…..and you’ve shared it with your family. Sometimes you act a bit crazy….but the smartness is appreciated!

—It’s fun to watch what you come up with for entertainment. Over the years….you’ve made some wild adventures a reality for our kids. Remember the zipperline? The many pools? Camping trips? Snorkeling? Burying punks in the sand? Fires? Home repair jobs? And so many more…..gotta love ADHD!

—You’ve made it clear to your kids how important I am to you. They have also heard your complaints. But I bet they forgive those. Thanks for honoring me.

I hope you have a greater understanding how important you are to our family. No one else can be you. You’re irreplacable! Thank you for being a father that your children can look up to and admire. Thank you for loving God and making Him the head of your home too.

I love you, Happy Father’s Day.





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