She’s got a booboo

This is THE week! The one she and the other 25 girls have been waiting for. The Fair Queen Pageant is this Saturday night. Everyone is so excited! Me included! They’ve been dancing, retreating, interviewing and friendship building all month. Now it’s down to the last few days of preparing to walk across that scary stage and show us what they’ve got!

But, we have a problem with our contestant…..


Booboo’s on her feet! Ouch!

This happens a few times a year. Allergies! They take over her body. Her hands and feet seem to take the blunt of the attack. It’s been like this since she was born. (Yes, I nursed her!) She still had terrible allergies. Nuts being the number one killer in her long list. She cannot be near any kind of nut. Not counting me, that is! 🙂

Something happens when the seasons change (besides the weather). She suffers with an outbreak almost every time. For over a week she’s been nursing the bottoms of her feet. They break out like a blister and hurt something awful. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to bounce back is through desperate measures known as Prednisone! Dund dun dun! We hate it! But that’s what clears it up.

We’ve used every over the counter and prescription cream known to man. Nothing makes this go away. Only the steroids! So, today at 4:00 we will head to the doctor. Pray that he can help us get her back on her “feet” again. Literally.

This is how she had to shop yesterday during our outing to Big Lots!!

We loved calling her Mamaw! No offense to our beloved Mamaw of course! 🙂

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