Southern Baptist Convention 09

I love being part of the SBC! It is by far….the greatest denomination ever to belong to. Each summer thousands of Southern Baptists travel the country to meet up at one location and take care of business. My whole family loves going. It’s a great time to catch up with far-off friends that we don’t get to see normally.

One of the big highlights for me? The Minister’s Wives Luncheon! It is always fantastic! We converge on the largest room available at the convention for some “girl” time. A yummy salad and dessert are the meal and the table is always decorated in a cute theme. This year the theme was Quiet Influence (Romans 12:1). Each table had a purse shaped gift bag that was surrounded by the six-week Bible study book, Quiet Influence and the most beautiful note-taking hardback Bible. Every lady at the table received the Quiet Influence Bible study book as a gift. Nice! At the end of the luncheon, we were given cute little silky bags filled with goodies. Even a strand of faux pearls! (I’ll post a picture soon of me wearing them!)

It’s a sweet time to connect with other ladies that understand ministry life. Even though we’re not serving at this time…..I still have that same ministry heartbeat. We miss it! My kids miss it. They love hearing their dad preach and teach. It’s pretty special! We feel privileged anytime that he gets to these days. Another interim position may be in our future soon. But if not, we are at peace. We only want to be where God wants us to be.

Here’s a few snapshots from the luncheon. Both these sweet lady’s are Indiana pastor’s wives. They serve alongside their husband’s up near the Chicago area where it’s really cold. I love them both. They lead with such love and joy. I admire them and all they do to serve as ministry wives. Oh…and both have the cutest blogs too.

Darlene …. The Frog Pond

Debbie…..Life Inside the Fishbowl

I can’t wait for next year. It’s in Orlando! I needed a good reason to be in Florida during the “beach” season! Woohoo!

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