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I’m late in the game….but still, I wanted to play along. In this game, it’s all about making friends. Who doesn’t like that, huh? Nobody, I’ll tell ya! For this week….if you’re interested….it’s FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH week.


This photo was taken many years ago. Like 12 years or so. It was when I had a house full of busy pre-schoolers. A time that I look back on with the fondest of memories. It was nap time but as you can see by the photo… little angels were working on their tiger stripes..WITH AN INK PEN!!!

Yea…..I was a little shocked when I found them! But this picture is one of my very favorites. It reminds me of fun and creativity….something my kids are still good at (as teenagers!). What a sweet memory! Oh and the question the one in the middle asked when I first saw them….

“How do you yike us Mommy? We ahhh tigurrrs!!?”

Well…..I yike them real good! 🙂

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