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You’re Home to Me

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

I walked through my house this morning in prayer. I lingered in each room thanking God for every moment and memory spent there. What a special time for me to feel every good experience all over again. I sat and looked around at all the things that we’ve done in 4 years of living here. Each beautiful and personal change customized just to my liking. I don’t live in a showplace! It’s just a home, nothing spectacular….no big dollar pieces, not even a “collectible” or coveted item to be found. No special Anthro furniture or curtains, no coveted brought over from somewhere outlandish flooring, no high-dollar farm sink that all my babies got washed in…

Just a house.

But let me tell you what a house can be. Home.

Home is much more valuable than expensive things you accumulate or gather to place around you. Home is the safe place God gives each of us to learn who we are and to feel loved when the world beats the heck out of us. It’s our hideout when we don’t want to people. Home is not just a physical address it’s a place to grow, heal and be just who you are in this crazy world.

My home has done all of that and more for me, for my husband and for all 3 of our grown kids. These are the reasons we make it beautiful, warm and inviting. To feel more than just a roof over our heads, to feel safe and loved.

Yesterday was our home inspection and appraisal. We stressed out over every little detail, praying our house was as awesome at the end of the magnifying glass day to them as it was to us. We had no idea that the realtor and the buyers were all a part of the process. For about 4 hours, strangers walked all through our house and peeked in every nook & cranny looking for issues. Whatever man. The last 18 months of stress hasn’t killed me yet, I can do this painful thing too.

The truth is, I can’t make anyone love my home like I do. It’s mine and I love it because of that and more.

So, this morning after waking up with thoughts of what could they possibly say as faults in the final report…I couldn’t help but thank God for every thing I loved about my house.

I’m going to miss it and all the treasured memories –> The friendships made, the guests who’ve eaten or slept over, the bike rides, the pool days, the sitting on my porch reading & praying, the planting…sowing & reaping of our gardens, THE PEONIES!!!! Every single lovely thing, I will miss.

But, like this house and every other one I’ve lived in during the last 28 years of my marriage….I will love it and make it HOME all over again.

178,102 Miles of Memories

Friday, June 13th, 2014


I shouldn't bother writing when my emotions are so raw.  There's no telling how mumbly bumbly my words will be. But, I've thought about it and I'm betting there are situations in your life that trigger funky emotions too. 

Even over weird things.

I sold my car today.  It was a long time coming.  It's 15 years old.  It's been there for everything.  When my hubby bought it for me (back in 1999), we had little kids.  Our youngest was 4 and in a booster seat.  Our son, cried as we left the parking lot and watched as our old white van got smaller and smaller in the back window.

loaded suburb

We sort of love our cars.

For the last year or so, it's been sitting.  Waiting for whoever needed it to hop in and take off.  I think I've been hanging on to it out of habit.  All I know is when I listed it online….interested buyers started asking questions right away.   I wasn't expecting it to go so fast.  Looking back, I think it was one of those bandaids off quick kind of situations.


I also didn't expect the twinge of regret I felt as I shut the front door after "closing" the deal.  For a nano-sec, I considered throwing the door open and backing out on the deal.  Instead, I went up to my room and sent my hubby a text.  Both of us knew what the other was feeling.  That car was a huge part of our life!

We raised 3 kids while hauling them around in that big rig.  Each of them learned to drive in that giant monster SUV and all of them had to use it when the family was sharing vehicles.  There was no shame in having to drive it.  It was a rite of passage and they knew it!

pulling it

Vacations were special because of that car.  It was so big, we could load it up (with everything we wanted) and still have room to stretch out and sleep or watch movies while Dad barreled down the highway.  Trips were a blast!

It's not very often that a big family can go places and still take friends along with them (in the same car)!  But, we did it all the time!  So many fun memories for our kids….


Today, my son and I were discussing rolling down the windows and cranking up the radio as loud as we could stand!  We sang to the top of our lungs!  Never caring what other passersby thought because we were in "the zone".  I'll never forget the Sunday that I came out from church (where my kids had been sitting patiently waiting in the car) and realized one of the buttons to my radio was missing.  It was still missing today….as the new owner drove away!

Cars become a part of you.  You use them to get here and there.  You eat in them.  You drive them to special occasions.  You wait in them at pick up or in the drive-thru.  You carry your most prized possessions in them.  You wash them, gas them up and send in the payments (faithfully).  You even use them to do things for other people.  In our case, we loved having 4 wheel-drive!  That car pulled many stuck in the snow victims to safety.

We even used it to pull sleds in the winter, pulling kids and grandparents….even our 91 year old Mamaw!  I can't imagine having missed out on all the fun that big blue "urban assault" vehicle brought to our family. 

I'm happy though.  A sweet couple bought it who have 8 grandchildren.  They have plans to load it up, use it for fun and enjoy every inch of it.  Just like my family did.  It's time for some other little munchkins to leave their marks on it.  Ally's chewed hole in the back passenger side door leather is still there, a reminder of having a kid who loved chewing on anything.  The carpet still holds stains from spilled cokes and ground in skittles ( I vacuumed out all the french fries).  I even took down the cute hand-written BEST MOM award that was pinned to my driver's side visor.

Yes, that car means a lot to me.

I didn't mean to cry thinking about all the love and fun we had in that car.  I just couldn't help but think back over every memory.  It's like God gave me little snapshots of stages and moments of each of my kids lives.  I could see them snaggletoothed one minute then remember how cute they were asleep leaning on each other while Ally hogged up the whole back seat to herself.

My mind played each scene like a home movie for my heart to see.

To you or to someone else it may be JUST A CAR…..but for me, it was part of my mom life.  God let me be the mother I needed to be for the last 15 years in that car.  And today……I let her go.

No Place Like Home

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


The last few weeks have been some of the hardest days of my life, so far.  Looking back, I can't help but feel peace.  Even though my body hurts all over and my heart aches….I know that God doesn't make mistakes.

Now begins the healing process.



I truly appreciate how special "home" can be.  Each trip there that I've made this last year was worth every penny and every minute spent missing my own family in Indiana.  I needed to be with my mom all that time and I'm so grateful that I had that chance.  She really thought she was going to be okay and so did I.

I'm from a small town in South Florida.  It's a great place!  It's funny how you don't realize that when you're growing up.  I've been married and gone from there for over 24 years.  That long time away hasn't changed how my heart feels about the people that loved me into who I am today.  So many visits, so many calls and all of it while I dismantled a lifetime of collecting and clinging to stuff.  I can't remember ever standing so long on my feet or having them hurt as badly as they did during the great "clean out"!  God sent so many people by to visit and made sure I captured a moment of grace by their willingness to share it.  Each hug, kind word, funny memory and sweet thought felt like a carefully applied salve to a gaping wound.


Just when I thought I couldn't keep going…


I am who I am because of this place and these people.  It's only fitting that the one who brought me up there allow me one more chance to feel what HOME really is.  Thank you, Mom.

Home is the place where everybody knows who you are and they love you just the same.  It's the place that you know you'll be accepted and where you'll be forgiven when you goof up.  It's also where you can wave at pretty much every car (cause someone you know is in it, for sure) and where one phone call equals everyone in town knowing you're in need.

There really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! 


I feel rich.  Rich in friends and family that love and care for me.  Thank you for the great care given to me by so many during the last few weeks.  I'm overwhelmed by the love and grace poured out on me.  That's a tiny glimpse of how much you love me.  Thank you.


Goodbye Peyton

Friday, March 9th, 2012


I wanted to flip my lid the other day regarding the news of #18 leaving.  He is more than just a franchise player.  He is someone who put in every ounce of his energy to make Indianapolis what it is today.  He thought things through, made good choices and worked every single moment of his football career to be the best.  You won't find a man of entitlement…that's not Peyton Manning.  He managed his business with integrity and I'd challenge anyone to prove otherwise.  My love for football comes from watching him play and hungering for big wins.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, "It just won't be the same!".

I've searched my brain for words and I've pushed the reality of it out of my mind over and over.  I knew it was coming, but the facts of it still sting!  I know it's just football…but I love it!  I'll miss him and come what may, it will be sickening to see him wear anything but BLUE!!  ๐Ÿ™

I have to share the greatest tribute I've read so far.  The writer sums up so kindly what Peyton Manning is really like.  He's a man of character and he's done nothing but prove that while playing for the Indianapolis Colts.  I hope you click over and read it.  You won't be sorry.


A Peyton Manning Fan Forever



Remember When

Friday, January 13th, 2012

On my drive to school this morning, a memory popped into my head. A song came on the radio and I flashed back to a day when I was riding in the car with my daughter, Ally. She has the funniest sense of humor and can always make me laugh (SHE IS ALMOST A CLONE OF HER DAD)! She made up her own hand signals to a Katy Perry song (don’t hate) and as we were driving along….she acted out the entire thing.


Here’s a portion of the lyrics that she used her sweet moves for—–>

“Cause you’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no
You’re in then you’re out
You’re up then you’re down

You’re wrong when it’s right
It’s black and it’s white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up”

If you can just imagine her dancing in her seat as we rolled on down the road (yes, other cars could see us) with me laughing so hard I can barely see the road. Great memory!

It’s funny how things come back to us when we least expect it. What’s even funnier is what turns into a good memory that doesn’t seem so significant at the time. The lesson? Is to cling to special moments, all of them.

You never know when it’s going to show back up!

Don’t forget to have fun with your kids. They grow up so fast!

Happy long weekend, friends! It’s the first time in years I’ve gotten MLK day off. We’ve usually had several snow days by now. So, yeehaw!

Blog Hop Tuesday

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


I’m late in the game….but still, I wanted to play along. In this game, it’s all about making friends. Who doesn’t like that, huh? Nobody, I’ll tell ya! For this week….if you’re interested….it’s FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH week.


This photo was taken many years ago. Like 12 years or so. It was when I had a house full of busy pre-schoolers. A time that I look back on with the fondest of memories. It was nap time but as you can see by the photo… little angels were working on their tiger stripes..WITH AN INK PEN!!!

Yea…..I was a little shocked when I found them! But this picture is one of my very favorites. It reminds me of fun and creativity….something my kids are still good at (as teenagers!). What a sweet memory! Oh and the question the one in the middle asked when I first saw them….

“How do you yike us Mommy? We ahhh tigurrrs!!?”

Well…..I yike them real good! ๐Ÿ™‚

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