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You’re Home to Me

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

I walked through my house this morning in prayer. I lingered in each room thanking God for every moment and memory spent there. What a special time for me to feel every good experience all over again. I sat and looked around at all the things that we’ve done in 4 years of living here. Each beautiful and personal change customized just to my liking. I don’t live in a showplace! It’s just a home, nothing spectacular….no big dollar pieces, not even a “collectible” or coveted item to be found. No special Anthro furniture or curtains, no coveted brought over from somewhere outlandish flooring, no high-dollar farm sink that all my babies got washed in…

Just a house.

But let me tell you what a house can be. Home.

Home is much more valuable than expensive things you accumulate or gather to place around you. Home is the safe place God gives each of us to learn who we are and to feel loved when the world beats the heck out of us. It’s our hideout when we don’t want to people. Home is not just a physical address it’s a place to grow, heal and be just who you are in this crazy world.

My home has done all of that and more for me, for my husband and for all 3 of our grown kids. These are the reasons we make it beautiful, warm and inviting. To feel more than just a roof over our heads, to feel safe and loved.

Yesterday was our home inspection and appraisal. We stressed out over every little detail, praying our house was as awesome at the end of the magnifying glass day to them as it was to us. We had no idea that the realtor and the buyers were all a part of the process. For about 4 hours, strangers walked all through our house and peeked in every nook & cranny looking for issues. Whatever man. The last 18 months of stress hasn’t killed me yet, I can do this painful thing too.

The truth is, I can’t make anyone love my home like I do. It’s mine and I love it because of that and more.

So, this morning after waking up with thoughts of what could they possibly say as faults in the final report…I couldn’t help but thank God for every thing I loved about my house.

I’m going to miss it and all the treasured memories –> The friendships made, the guests who’ve eaten or slept over, the bike rides, the pool days, the sitting on my porch reading & praying, the planting…sowing & reaping of our gardens, THE PEONIES!!!! Every single lovely thing, I will miss.

But, like this house and every other one I’ve lived in during the last 28 years of my marriage….I will love it and make it HOME all over again.

It’s a dream, ok?

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I’m a dreamer! Everyone who knows me….will agree! I can fantasize myself into anything. It’s just my personality! Maybe it’s unhealthy…but I don’t think so. It gives me tons of joy (my crazy pretending) and besides….dreaming is just that…..dreaming!

Each year….on January 1st, HGTV launches their annual Dream Home Giveaway Contest. During the year, the crew works tirelessly finding the perfect locale and builder to make someone’s dream come true! Now I’m not saying that every house has been my dream home…..there have been a few close ones (I’m a beach house dreamer) but honestly, I would really just like the money (and let me say this… wouldn’t take 2.5 million to build my dreamhouse!!) to build my own dream!

The ticker is winding down….and it’s only days away. My blog will hold the widget during the contest as a reminder to me to enter once everyday! You can’t win if you don’t try! Now, I have to go….I’m daydreaming of what I would do with all that prizey goodness!

You can dream too…….and enter! Don’t forget to watch HGTV on January 1st!