It’s my party!

WELCOME Blog Hop Party Friends!!

I’ve been so busy lately that I didn’t even realize what today was!?! It’s my one year anniversary BLOGGING! Last year, July 23rd was my very first day to post on the blog I had been dreaming of. I was so excited! Today, a year later…..I still get that same excited feeling when I sit down to write a new post. Weird, huh? I just love it. It feels fantastic to write and share with my friends and family the stuff going on in my family/world. It’s my place! I cherish it!

I was more than just a newbie though. I was a total idiot! I didn’t know enough about computers or code or anything to be a “real” blogger! So, I did what any hard-headed stubborn southern-born gal would do…..I kept messing with it and trying this and trying that until I learned how to get it to do what I wanted it to do. Believe me, I’m still learning something new everyday. I’m so glad that my husband encouraged me to blog! Thank you honey for pushing me out of my comfort zone! I love you and I love blogging!


Now to celebrate… about a freebie? A GIVEAWAY? Yea, that perked you up….I bet! 🙂 Since I’m still ticked at Starbucks… about a Coldstone Creamery card? Oh baby, that place is scrumptious!
What about $10? Think you could stand it? Ahh, you’re going to love it! Leave me some blogaversary lovin….and an email address, please.
I’ll pick a winner on Sunday 7/26 by 3:00pm.

Hey, thanks for Blog Hoppin over too! I love meeting sweet new friends! I hope you come back and see me.

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