Morgan Lyn Wright

Morgan, Leah & Ally

It’s been a long fought battle. She was only 16! No one can understand this thing called cancer. It’s never picky regarding who it attacks. Young, old, weak, strong. Life as we know it can change in an instant with those three horrible words. You have cancer.

Morgan touched many lives. Her illness brought our community together in so many ways. Because of the love that so many felt for her and her family. She was worth fighting for! I cannot think of a more fitting way to describe those around her besides warriors. They battled right alongside this sweet child. I admire them all.

Today, Morgan lives. Not on this earthly ground but in the heavenly eternity that we all should long for. I’ll miss her. I will feel pain each time I pass her sweet family members. I’ll pray for them.

Dear God

Thank you for sharing Morgan with us. Please wrap your loving arms of peace and understanding around this family. They’re facing tough days ahead. Let them feel you and know that you will carry them forward. Show your glory and power. You are all that we need.


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