Been shoppin….

We started late….in the day that is. But that’s just how we roll. Mornings are sacred to my night-time lovin family. We treasure a little morning snooze and breakfast after 10ish 11ish. The day wasn’t wasted though. The stops we had to make were all fairly easy ones…..TJ Maxx, Target, Dollar Tree, Sam’s, Big Lots….then to the shoe store, Hibbett’s.

Just about every store we hit….we scored! It was as if heaven parted the way for us to find very important items at or below our budgeted price. Sweet, huh? The only big thing we didn’t get today was his mini fridge. That is still up for debate. We found a good one for less than $100 ($94) at Target. But, it doesn’t have a real freezer section in it. The one we really like is on sale for $158 at both Target and Menards. It’s equipped with both fridge and freezer seperate. For what he’ll be needing….the freezer section is pretty important. Ice is special to us! As much as pizza rolls and burrito’s! 🙂 Yea, we know how to live high!

TJ Maxx had the bed in a bag deal! Perfect…and the sheets feel pretty nice too. He really likes it. The colors are navy, red and white. Manly! Oh and a set of towels too. Nice and fluffy, the way towels should be! We picked up the command strips and hooks for his walls at Big Lots. We grabbed an under the bed storage box, a $10 floor lamp from Target and he had to have a plug-in kettle (for the GRITS he must eat)…all super cheap.

We’re getting there. Little by little. Rome wasn’t built in a day, ya know? Oh I almost forgot to tell his favorite find today…..his backpack! We found a really nice one at Sam’s ($39.95) but it was really plain looking….no color choices. So he waited. We stopped to look at shoes in Hibbett’s (didn’t find any) but noticed backpack’s were on 20%off. He tried a few on, most felt flimsy and cheap. As we were about to walk out, he spotted a rack of Ogio’s. (I had told him earlier that I was trying to win him an Ogio on a blog contest…cause they are SUPER NICE).

The cool thing? I had a $10 off coupon for anything over $20. Plus, they were on sale. Yay! He picked the coolest one too (brown plaid). Go see for yourself. He will be thankful for it when he starts dragging around that laptop!

Moving forward. Everyday!

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