This is what she’s doing….


My girls have the wildest imaginations. They get that from me. Dreaming is part of our genetic make-up. Ally has been fantasizing about changing her room around for a while. She really hated the light pink color on her walls that we painted 7 years ago. It was definitely time for a change.

On our big bust trip to The Beach Waterpark yesterday…. (we were rained out) we stumbled upon IKEA. Oh sweet mercy! Can you say…heavenly? It was divine! I hadn’t been lucky enough to visit one yet. But I’ve heard, friends….I’ve heard all about the fantastic-ness of IKEA! I must say, it was fabulous! I could’ve spent quite a bit more time there. Which brings me back to Ally. She loved that place and found just the bed she’s been dreaming of…..for $89!


Isn’t it pretty? The bed, not the bedding!

She picked out new paint on Monday when we were out shopping for college stuff for Gavin. Her room is ripped apart for the paint work (which is now almost finished). She and Tyler have been busy painting. They ran out after painting two walls. Back to the hardware store only to find out they were out of the base needed to make her paint. So they headed to Lowe’s and they were able to match it. So it’s back to the grindstone here. Still have plenty to work on.

I’m proud of her for taking the initiative to redo her room all on her own. Hopefully she gets her vintage shabby chic bedroom very soon. Change is good.

I keep telling myself that these days…


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