The Beach Waterpark

Every summer before we head back to school….we like to end our free-time by going to Cincinnati to The Beach Waterpark. It’s a small waterpark near King’s Island that has just enough fun to make you think you’ve gone somewhere fantastic! Growing up in south Florida and spending most of your time either at the beach or on a lake skiing can really spoil ya!

I miss Florida. For those special places and for family that is there. Which for us….is our whole family! We’re the only ones gone.

Yesterday was our big trip to the waterpark. We tried on Wednesday but a monsoon rainstorm washed out most of our Ohio valley area here on Tuesday. By Wednesday… was still yucky and hubby was deathly ill. He spent most of his vacation week in bed sick. Isn’t that how it goes? Anywho. We decided to take off and just go (on Friday). When we arrived there….we found our spot…which were the only 4 chairs left in the park and one was broken. It was in the shade (which was nice) but we were craving some SUN! Haven’t had any all summer….and then the water. OH MY GOODNESS….THE WATER!?! Due to the bad rain, they had to refill the entire park. WITH ICE COLD OHIO WATER!

I couldn’t take it. People were trying so hard to have fun….but the shivering and blue skin gave away their freezing state. We still had fun. By 5 o’ clock….it was cloudy, dark and we felt a few raindrops, which was our sign to hit the road. We usually stay late until closing time, but not this time. We split!

We hit IKEA and did some shopping. Hubby hadn’t been and he really wanted to stay there forever. We picked up the bed Ally found on Wednesday and loaded it up like hillbillies. Then took off for dinner. We broke tradition and didn’t eat at Bob Evan’s (I know, Wow)….we found an Uno’s Chicago Grill. YUM! Love their deep dish Chicago style pizza!

We had a great day!

One thing though….on our drive home we made it back into Indiana and came upon an awful accident. We were able to reroute around it, but the time we spent sitting in the traffic was terrible. Ambulance after ambulance came past us. Emergency vehicles kept coming and whizzing by. It was very disturbing! We prayed for those involved. It was a sad way to end our evening. We couldn’t help but feel concerned. I kept reminding myself and the kids, “God is in control”!

Dad & Gates…after riding the icy slide!

Ally & Gates posing with Mr. Seahorse

Me with Miss Gates in front of the Wave pool aka The Ice Pool!

Gavin & Evan floating down the lazy river.

Tyler & Ally before pizza at Uno’s

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