Words seem so meaningless

I shared in my waterpark post about the terrible accident on our way home.  My family and I could not shake the scene from our hearts.  While we were several cars back…..the enormous amount of emergency vehicles told us that it was very bad.  It bothered everyone in our car.

The next night I decided to try and find out what had happened.  The location was 2 counties over from where we live in Indiana, so we don’t get any news from that area.  After searching all over the internet…..I finally found an article on it.  A 17 year old girl lost control of her car coming down the hill and hit the guardrail then crossed over and hit another car head-on, killing a 19 year old passenger.  When I read his name…..I told my husband that my friend/co-worker lives in that county. 

Today when I went in to the school for a meeting….I was told it was my friend’s young son, Matt.  I wanted to cry.  I can’t stand the thought of what this sweet family is going through.  The article went on to say that 5 more teenagers were involved and that several were transported by helicopter to different hospitals.  The injuries are serious.

Teacher’s are to report for the new school year tomorrow.  For my friend, she most likely had everything together to do just that….until Friday night at 10:07pm.  Her world took a major turn in the other direction.  Instead of coming in to teacher’s meetings….she will sit at a memorial honoring her boy.

How does this make sense?

Like I said in my other post…. I have to keep reminding myself,  “God is in control”!  Somehow I have to see or trust that this was part of His eternal plan.  It just hurts so deep.


I cannot even come up with words that seem adequate.  Help her.  Hold my dear friend, Ginger and her family as they come to grips with a loss that stings so painfully.  Only you, God can heal these broken hearts.  Surround them with the love and care that they need right now.  Make your glory known to all involved in this very sad situation.


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