My last day of freedom

Yea, it’s over! My summer break is kaput! Gone! Nada! History!
I’m so very sad! It is hard saying goodbye to the freedom of sleeping in and lounging around in jammies as long as I want. Oh the memories.

I spent it working like a mad dog around my house too. It was piled high with laundry, dishes and just messes everywhere. I even washed my gigantic car (mainly because my windshield was so grody…I couldn’t see out of it!). So when I went to wash my windshield..I realized I haven’t washed the filthy beast in ….I don’t know how long. It was disgusting!

Tonight was our school’s first freshman induction. Our campus has undergone a huge building transformation. All last year, we spent under construction. It was a bit of a hassle. But, the results were a beautiful new wing (just for our freshman). It looks amazing! Gates will only have 3 classes in that wing….the rest are all over the high school building. Which is quite large. Poor kid….she’s gonna need comfy shoes. 🙂

Anyway….I’m going to be doing a new job too. That makes me a little nervous. I will be teaching a Math remediation class (so I’ll have my own room). The curriculum will be computer based and the classes should consist of sophomores that have either made a D or an F in their last year Algebra class.

Have I mentioned here….HOW MUCH I DESPISE MATH? Oh really, I haven’t? Well…..let’s just say……MATH IS THE DEVIL!!! I would rather do just about anything than be responsible for any young mind bettering their math skills. What are my principal’s thinking? God bless them! They sure tried to encourage me.

So, here’s hoping!

It’s going to be fine. I’m just terribly intimidated! Call me weak! I don’t care. But please……..PRAY FOR MEEEEEEEEE!

Happy first day……

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