Running just to catch myself

I can tell school is back in full swing! This morning…..I overslept! I went to bed exhuasted and it was only Tuesday. Both mornings (Mon & Tues) we sat through 3-4 redlights on our way to school. Which doesn’t mean we were at 3-4 different redlights…..we sat through them at ONE LIGHT!

Traffic in my small town on school mornings is like L.A. freeway traffic. The highway 50 parking lot is what we call it here. I live behind the schools but must travel down a city street and then on a highway to actually drive there. Walking is less than 8 minutes.

Why don’t I walk it? Good question. I have 2 teen girls and we haul tons of junk with us. More than any of us want to walk up the hill carrying to school each morning and afternoon.

So we drive! And sit in traffic!

My clock/radio is set to the sweet sounds of Klove each morning as my alarm clock. Uhhh that didn’t work out so well this morning. Somehow the station was OFF THE AIR! When did I notice that? Oh….around 7:24am!!! Not cool!

I jumped up and screamed!

And I was having the sweetest dream too. I was having a party! We were decorating with beautiful flowers and potted plants. Then I opened my eyes and it looked very bright out……AAAAAAHHHH 7:24?

Goodbye Wednesday! I won’t miss you!

Tomorrow night…..we’re heading to the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS game! Woohoo! Now that’s exciting! 🙂

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