Too blessed to rest

This is the busiest week I’ve had in a long time.  I’m running on about 4 1/2 hour of sleep right now and I really don’t feel that awful.  Strange for me.  When I get too tired….I usually crash and burn! Maybe it’s going to hit me later like a ton of bricks.

Yesterday we went to Indy for the Colts game.  Let’s just say, the new Lucas Oil Stadium is amazing!  I’m sort of awestruck by it really.  Our kids loved it too!  Who wouldn’t?  It cost $720 million to build! Indianapolis fans deserve such a fun place. (BIG THANK YOU ticket giver friend) 🙂

After school today….I’m heading off for more fun. I’ll be sneaking away for a “mini” retreat with my BFF, Tabbi. Southeast Christian Church is hosting the fabulous Priscilla Shirer who will be doing her thing! I didn’t realize it was this weekend. Maybe you’ve heard of her? She runs the streets with people like…Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. 🙂

What is this weekend? It’s my sweetboy’s last weekend home before he leaves for college. I have so much to do! How can I do this fun stuff now? I need to be home…..washing, packing, preparing.

I think God has other plans for me. I need to be where I’m going. I feel as though life has pushed me around a bit in the last year or so. My heart could use some good sound teaching.

I’m in need. My heart is not where it should be. Leaving home this weekend is really hard. I want to be there….savoring every last moment with the boy you blessed me with. But my heart needs more than just time with the people I love. It needs a special touch from you. I’m trusting that you know what’s best for me. Work in my life and in the many women who will be there just like me….seeking more of you.

COLTS pictures coming soon!

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