Should I freak out?

I’ve been so happy for Sweetboy…getting his own room at IU! Today, I was talking with the scholarship people at my high school and telling them the “good news”….when the director says….”You might need to check your bill, that single may cost you extra!?!”.

Huh? What? Really? DANG!!

I thought we were all set on his bill. According to them, maybe not. Now I’m stressing out! I checked and it looks like if there is an extra charge….it could be $700-1300 difference for the year. What to do?


We don’t want to move him twice. If he needs to find a roommate and move into a double….we would like that to happen before Wednesday. It’s Monday! Lord, help!

Or do we just go on and pay the difference?


I don’t need any issues to stress me any more than I already am.
I’m letting my baby go to college, for goodness sakes! WHAT ELSE?

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