It’s a brand new day…


Yesterday, I stepped into new territory as a mama. I packed up everything I could think he might need while he was away. I tried to think clearly….but how can you when you’re dropping your kid off at college? I was doing my best!

We arrived at Eigenmann around lunch time. It was a pretty cool system. Families pull through (when it’s your turn) and unload in the driveway right in front of the building. I say that because….we watched families all over campus hauling their belongings down the streets (because that’s how they had to). The dorms are not all the same. Some are far away…other’s close to the drop off area.

We felt very thankful!

Everything went great! He’s in an awesome building and is learning his way around. We bought some groceries to get him started and to make him feel at home. Guys like food! 🙂 We’ve got a list going with the things he’s finding impossible to live without. It’s those little things, ya know?

We left him around 7pm. He had dorm meetings to attend and friends to connect with. We just had to drive home and start a new way of living. Much like him. He called…..needing computer help. His dad smiled…happy to be needed so soon. I smiled..just hearing his happy voice.

He’s going to be fine….and so are we. We love him and know God has great things in store for him.  Growing up is part of life….who knew it would happen so fast?  Goodluck, Sweetboy!  Enjoy your time there at IU!  Home is always here if you need it.

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