Living in limbo

I’ve been waiting on my new job to start.  Yes, really.  I know I whined about being moved to Math Remediation (since I’m not savvy in that area) but c’mon already…..let’s get this baby rolling!

My room is not ready.  I’m waiting on tables, computers and the whatnot to get things going.  Right now, the room has over 30 desks sitting in it.  I’ve done a little sprucing up (cause it was a nasty mess) and I have my personal desk cleaned out and reloaded for my own happy pleasure.  I’ve even covered two bulletin boards with some bright yellow paper and hot pink floral fabric.  Now I just need some fun stuff to poke up there for encouragement.

I’ve been covering for teacher’s, the nurse and in offices (sounds like the old days, huh?).  Today, I was called out of the health center to do data input for Guidance.  What next?  I’m really feeling like I’m in limbo!

I’m just thankful to see Friday!  I heart you Friday!  You’re the only thing I know for sure today.  🙂


I’m so glad you know just what to do with me.  I’m lost without you!  Thank you that you provide me with a great job and a loving family.  Both of which bless me tremendously.  I love you, Lord!


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