Happy Anniversary!!

Don and Wanda on September 16th 1989

Don and Wanda on September 16th 1989

Twenty Years ago today I was a nervous wreck! I was marrying the girl of my dreams and I was terrified she thought she had made a mistake in agreeing to marry me! I remember seeing you walk toward me– I was overwhelmed by your beauty. Then I noticed the tears in your eyes. . . (and the bug crawling around in your vale) and I thought you really might say no to that all important question, “Do you. . . ?” When you said “I Do” I was the happiest man in the world! I had you then and I was never going to let go!!! Little did I know. . . Ever heard the phrase “. . . tiger by the tail?”

I have learned over the years that when you said I Do you really meant it. Your commitment to our marriage is a shining example to wives everywhere. In our paper each week they publish a list of couples who have filed for divorce. Honey, you know the real reason I get so aggravated about those people who file for divorce after ten, fifteen, or twenty years of marriage? The real reason is that if two people as flawed as we are can last twenty years, then ten for them should be a cake walk! Thanks for sticking with me through it all!

You have spent the last twenty years putting your needs and wants to the side to let the needs of the rest of us come first. From caring for our children to allowing me to follow a pretty strange career path you were willing to play a superb second fiddle! (Well, except for that time you just had to have that convertible VW. I told you it was a bad idea!)

You being the woman you are makes me a better man. You being the mother you are makes me a better father. You being the wife you are makes me a better husband! Thanks for loving me for all these years. . . Actually, thanks for making me feel loved for all these years! I look forward to many more!

Happy Anniversary Honey!


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