She’s got class



I’ve been so excited all day!  I have good reason to be.  Ally performed with Touch of Class for the first time during today’s Pep Rally!

She was on the back row.  You can barely see her….but she’s dance partner’s with the big guy in the light blue shirt.  I thought they were great!  The school loved it too.

I can’t wait for many more performances to come.  She’s been working so hard and this is her first year.  It’s all new….and she’s trying to find her place in the group.  That’s not always easy.

The pep rally was a huge success as well.  She was on the team that put it all together and did an outstanding job!  Way to go Ally!  What a busy week you’ve had.

Good luck tomorrow on your driver’s license test…. 9:00am on a Saturday.  It better be worth it, huh?


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