AP Honor’s Scholar

I stopped by the Library at school today to read the paper. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up and saw my Sweetboy’s picture?! There he was……being honored for his accomplishment’s during his high school career. While he was a student at JCHS he took several AP classes and tested very well.

It’s quite an honor to be recognized for such hard work. He wasn’t the only student taking these classes. But only one of eight outstanding. That is so cool!

Here’s the article.

A few weeks back, he received the actual award in the mail. I opened it and immediately sent him a picture of it….with celebratory woot, woots! He took it like a normal Galloway boy…..”Cool”! He was proud of all his hard work! And so are we!

Wow Gavin! You deserve to be proud of yourself. It’s not everyday one gets honored in such a prestigious way. God has blessed you with a great mind….and we’re so glad you’re not wasting it!

Take a gander at the award! Yay Gavin!

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