Even Parents Make F’s!

It’s no big secret…..I’m not perfect! Especially in the role of parenting. I mess up, fall short, forget, drop the ball, overreact…..yell when I should listen and hurt feelings without thinking. I hate it and I always regret it. Parenting is a tough job! One I couldn’t do without God’s grace. Thank you Lord!

I’m praying for a struggling girl this morning. She’s alot like me. Not a math whiz! She’s also like me in that we’re passionate about loving other’s and having fun. I like those qualities. They will bless you throughout life. But right now….she needs a Geometry miracle! Today marks the end of 1st 9 weeks grading. This is not good! She’s only taken one test and two quizzes….all of which she scored poorly on. 🙁

Discouragement can overwhelm you. No one really wants to fail at anything. Being a good student is important. As a mom, I can see the errors that have caused her to be in this situation. It’s hard…but the consequences stink. She knows. How much more can I punish her? Earning an F is the ultimate in shame.

I’m learning everyday to stay on top of things. All it takes is one slip up and I’m in a boat of struggle myself. One forgotten payment….can cause something to be terminated. Sleeping too late….causes issues with a boss. Being neglectful of health…..results in sickness. It’s up to me to stick to it. Otherwise, I fail too.

So you see….it’s not just high school that a person can earn an F. Even parents can do it. Don’t be discouraged! Forgive yourself. Be energized…..refreshed and begin again with a renewed spirit. Learn from your mistakes and move on. That’s really all any of us can do. And know…..that no matter what…..Dad and I will always love you!

Love, Mama

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