We Will Enjoy It

Years ago. I mean…..a loooooong time ago. We watched the movie The Coneheads starring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin. The movie was based off of a skit from Saturday Night Live from the 70’s. The characters were odd space alien types with….you guessed it, cone-shaped heads. They spoke weird, acted weird and were just weirdly hilarious. In the movie….when they found something they liked the two (who were a couple) would say…WE WILL ENJOY IT!

We picked up that line for ourselves. It’s been said a time or twenty around my house. Anytime we are anticipating something exciting…..”We will enjoy it!” seems to pop out. It’s really funny (to us anyway)! We still crack up thinking back to how funny they were in the movie. Good times!

Tonight…is my favorite night to watch tv. The Office, 30 Rock (it’s back) and other great shows will keep us up way too late laughing our heads off. So in the words of the coneheads.

We will enjoy it!

WARNING: Very corny humor! Must watch with complete coolness abandoned. Seriously!

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