Change Me

I’ve made 3 hair appointments in the last month…..and had to cancel each one of them.  Every single time it was “me” time….someone would have another appointment at the same time!  This lack of extra vehicle thing is really getting to be a pain!

I’m scheduled for a quickie haircut tomorrow (Friday).  No sitting around talking and catching up with Sheila the magic maker.  I’m in and out!  Cause you guessed it……I have other things pushing for my time.  On the agenda?  Gates and Ally have a drama performance tomorrow night.  The evening will be spent enjoying a dessert bar along with the play “Trouble at the Talent Show” by Eileen Moushay. 

I’m looking forward to sprucing up my look and watching my girls in the play!  I need a bit of change!  We won’t even talk about my roots…..eeek!  Scary!

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