I love Lifeway!

I have a confession. I’m crazy about good literature! Yea, I have a thing for good stuff written down for my enjoyment and personal growth. Lifeway just amazes me with their ability to stay on top of things.  Just when you get relaxed something new and exciting hits the presses.  If you’re interested in studying God’s word……go to Lifeway. The resources are neverending!

This morning as I was reading Vicki Courtney’s blog…I found a nifty new prayer blog hosted by none other than Lifeway. It’s beautiful! I love the concept, the look, the great idea and the fact that it’s open to women everywhere. Anyone can tap into this warm fuzzy atmosphere and find something that touches the heart. More reasons for me to love you Lifeway!

Go check it out. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Prayer Gates

Dear Lifeway,

You have blessed me repeatedly over the years. From the day I fell in love with Journey (a beautiful women’s devo magazine…not the rock group) to today. Your deep love for Christ shows through in every little item you label with your name. Thank you for using so many gifted and talented people of God to make your resources THE BEST!! My family has great respect for everything you stand for. I love ya! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to devour your new prayer blog! It is beautiful!

From a Lifeway Fan!


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