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Exceedingly Abundant & More

Monday, October 8th, 2018

I told a new friend yesterday that I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M HERE (in Montana) but I believe God has me here for a reason. I’ve had to tell our story over & over and every time I marvel at all that God has done in my life (and my hubby’s). What a strange and stressful journey! I still cry every single time I have to share it and I’m not sure if that’ll ever change. The rawness feels as fresh as if it were a gaping open wound that just won’t heal.

I met a missionary this weekend home from Jordan, he serves there as a director of an international school. I listened to him on Saturday as he told of all that’s happening in Jordan and the women God is using to inspire him in his faith walk. His school is made up of women employees that are giants in the faith and who aren’t afraid to love on Muslim kids, Baptist kids….poor kids, rich kids and more. Every story he told gave me a glimpse into a life that’s challenging beyond what I know here in Montana. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I am a worthy person or able to do things that men can do (in spite of what our fellow citizens are screaming) in this land I love. I can drive a car, wear cute clothes, speak to whomever will listen and pretty much rule the dang world if I SO CHOOSE!

Other countries, not so much.

The last few weeks have been sort of a personal torture for me. I realize that I’m part of my own problem…nonetheless, I have been one emotional breakdown from a hospital. I feel plagued with hopelessness and that’s NOT GOOD in these days we live. I cry over everything. I cannot force myself out of the funk! I know what you’re thinking –> WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Don’t worry, I’ve asked myself that same thing over & over.

My life is good. I’m safe, fed and I know I’m promised so much. Still, I’ve succumbed to a depression that just won’t shake off. It feels like hopelessness. I have watched so many people that I love struggle to overcome the darkness of depression and I thank God that he’s giving me enough to sense to recognize what’s happening. I want to be okay, probably like many others who suffer this way and I am going to do whatever it takes to beat it.

This is heavy, like a noose around my neck.

I miss my family. I feel lonely. I worry we will never have a house again. I grieve my lost dog. I hate all sorts of things about my situation. I don’t like my fat bod. I can’t sleep. My body aches all over. I look a hundred years old. My birthday is this week and I just want to skip it.

I could go on…

The missionary spoke again in church yesterday and he put up Ephesians 3:20-21 as his focal point in his message. I have read that verse hundreds of times, I’ve claimed it & loved it but not until yesterday did it have a whole nother meaning to me. I sat re-reading it as he spoke, over & over in my head until my heart made a firm decision to really believe it.

Everything I’ve been clinging to and telling myself is bunk! Garbage! I don’t have to torture myself with doom (like I tend to do), I can rest and trust God that HE WILL DO MORE, EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY MORE with me….my life and my future.

I don’t know why I’m in Montana! God does. That’s all I need to focus on for now. The stuff I convince myself will never be or happen is foolish fodder for satan to squander over me. I don’t have to live in fear or sadness. My life is blessed and He is using every bit of my journey to push me on ahead.

I have the most persistent friends, both here & there (everywhere). Every time I think I’m going under….God uses someone who loves me to come alongside me and pull me out of the hole. I can’t take any credit for that, it’s all God. Proof HE sees me, loves me and is taking care of me.

I’ll end with this —— if you are wondering whether it’s important to have someone over for a meal or to invite them out to dinner, IT IS! Do it. Don’t hold your hospitality in for yourself or your family members. I’ve been in more homes since I’ve moved to Montana than I ever have the whole 20 years I lived in Indiana. I’m not exaggerating! I know it’s God, He gets me and understands my need for social interaction. My hubby, well….he is fine never seeing another human. So, for him to give up his free time to eat at friends houses and to go out for pizza when he really wants to work on that DANG SHED/noose around his neck, is a gift to me!

I’m crawling out of the hole, slowly and with purpose. Keep praying for me because as you can see, satan is always lurking.

Oh and please, if you will….ask Him to do exceedingly, abundantly MORE than any of us could ever ask for.

Top 5

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

It’s not too late.

I wonder how many think it’s too hard or too late to lead someone to saving faith in Christ. Thinking from my own perspective here and I know how many times I’ve turned the other way KNOWING someone I care about needs Jesus.

It’s a shame.

How grateful I am that when I was younger SOMEONE prayed for me, shared with me and loved me enough to not let me go to hell. The world is hurting, people are lost and believers are instructed to share the GOOD NEWS. But just like satan wants, many just sit idly by never mentioning the free offer of salvation to the people God puts right in their path.

What is the reason?

Fear, laziness….unsure what to say?

Maybe all of it. The truth is that God is always seeking us out. He is ready and waiting for each of us to choose Him, to trust Him and to believe what He says about who we are to Him.

It’s never too late. Until it’s too late. I read a testimony of a lady who just wasn’t sure of her father’s position with God. He’s very sick, has cancer and she is afraid he might die and go to hell. I can’t tell you where I got the courage to just blatantly ask my own mother about her salvation when she was nearing death. But I did it.

Someone you know right now does not know Christ personally.

Maybe many someones.

What are you doing about it?

I only ask because I feel this push to pray for the people I know aren’t followers of Jesus. I’ve gotten sidetracked by NOT wanting to infringe upon them my own faith. See how crafty the devil is? He convinces us that we are weird and that NO ONE wants to hear about our JESUS! He wants you and me to feel embarrassed about our faith in Christ.

Oh trust me, he does a jam up job telling us that we are out of line caring for or seeking out leading others to God. I mean, how many times have you ran into trouble with someone you love by telling them something about God? Many are resistant to seeing themselves as sinners in need of a Savior.

Who wants to be told they are wrong?

No one. Ever.

I’m ashamed of myself for being so wishy-washy with my prayer life for others. I’ve fallen for the “they don’t want Jesus” so why should I bother focusing on them. How wrong of me and how selfish of me to ignore their need for salvation. But, God tells me…it is not too late! Start praying! Soften my heart for the lost and keep on keeping on for their sake!

I’m challenged to pray for my top 5 friends or family members who do not know Christ personally. I commit to praying every day for as long as it takes. Can you think of 5 people who need you to pray for them? Listen, if you haven’t already figured it out…satan wants to confuse every living soul to the truth of who Jesus is and he is more than ready to lead every person to an eternity in hell.

He will make it as easy for us as possible to ignore the needs of others. Especially spiritual needs.

Do not harden your heart to the lost in your circles. No matter how awful they are about faith, pray. No matter how lost they seem, pray. No matter how many times they tell you to bug off, pray. No matter how much they tell you they don’t need Jesus, pray. No matter how dark their life gets, pray. No matter if they profess there is no God, pray. No matter if they walk out of your life (crazy Bible banger!), pray. No matter if they call you names, pray. No matter if they say you suck, pray. No matter if they say, “Leave me alone!”, pray.

It’s not too late.

Go, write down your top 5 and get started. Watch what God will do with your faithful prayers.

Forgive me for being selfish and keeping you all to myself. I don’t want to see the ones I love go through life without you. Thank you that I can do something powerful in their lives by praying for them. Help me to be light in this dark world. And God, hear my prayers for every lost soul.

Do This….or Something Better

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


There are prayers for help and then there are beat down heaven’s doors begging for mercy kind of help prayers. I’ve done both. Over the last season of my life, I’ve mulled over my circumstance (much like anyone would do in my position) and I’ve sought God’s direction for what’s felt like impending doom once another month comes and goes…..and my husband is still unemployed.

How long, Lord? How long can this go on?

It’s only human to ask and I know God isn’t the least bit surprised at my human nature pondering. I’m terribly adept at questioning every little thing, just ask my family. I’m a questioner. I question. I analyze and roll every detail of the answer around just in case there’s a scenario that could switch things up to equal something else. I cover every base.

You’re welcome, world.

Still, here I sit in pretty much the same boat I was in back in September. Only this time I’m closer to a wedding of one of my daughters’, at the end of my school year and any subbing days I might get and filled with a whole lot more cynicism than a person should possess. What next?

Bad bad bad. Never ask that. More trouble coming your way, fool.

This Sunday is Easter and the sermon last week was so good that I left church with a brand new perspective on the damage done to my heart over the course of this last year. Betrayal. No one knew betrayal the way Jesus did. His experience with it opened my whiny complaining heart to understanding that I CAN GET OVER what’s been done to me. I can forgive and I can move on. I can trust that it’s all part of the journey to where God wants me to be eventually.

God never leaves us where we are, He’s always pushing us forward.

So, back to all the praying and begging God to work a miracle in my life. All these months, He’s listened to me. I’ve blown my horn loud and obnoxiously for Him to hear every little detail of what I need and when I need it by. He is so gracious.

I’ve not gone hungry…but, I’ve worried about how to pay for groceries.
I’ve not gone without a home or electricity…but, I’ve played magic tricks with my funds to pay both.
I’ve not had to sell my belongings…but, I’ve learned to be content with everything I own when I’d really like to purchase something special.
I’ve kept my dignity…but, the devil has shown up almost daily to remind me just how pathetic it is to be jobless and living with the fear of it never ending.

Oh, how gracious my God still is.

needs 1

In all that, He still listens to me. He above all knows my every need and He is at work. My weak faith or belief that He’s going to do something bigger and better is tainted by my lack of understanding just how big God really is in the great scheme of things.


I do not have the mental capacity to understand all that God is and will be…but I know that all I have to do is ask and He will go exceedingly above and beyond whatever it is to answer me.

My new prayer?


Do this…..or something better.


Prayer Slacker

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

If I were to ask…"How are you doing with your QUIET TIME?"  Would you give me an honest answer?  Or would you ask… "What's a quiet time?".  You know, that special time where you get alone and read your Bible and pray?


Well, uhhh….I'm, working on it!  Or, I'm really busy!  Or, I try but I get distracted!

If you answered (in your head) with any of these answers or even made up a few of your own "excuses"…then you are just who I'm talking to today.

I feel qualified to wrangle with you on the reality of the situation.  I, am a self proclaimed PRAYER SLACKER.  I beebop through many days without even so much as a thought on praying.  Yep, there.  I said it!  I don't do it to be rebellious and I bet you don't either.  I put my own habits first (maybe you do too)–turn on tv, Facebook, check email, read blogs.. and whatever else can steal my attention.  I focus on that instead of making God my first priority.  Sound familiar?

I know what you're thinking…

I can't.  I don't even know where to start.  I would say that you're not alone in feeling awkward when it comes to quiet time.  I didn't grow up doing it and I didn't see anyone in my family praying unless it was out of desperation.  By the way, "God please help me find a good parking space" doesn't count!  I'm talking about relationship building and character shaping time.  If you've ever had a close friendship with someone and loved spending quality time with them….then this is similar to what I'm talking about.

God likes to be with you.

Prayer offers us the chance to speak honestly with God about what we think of Him and what's happening in our life.  It also allows us time to listen and hear directly from Him.  Some of the hardest times in my life were the most blessed because I stuck close to Him by regularly meeting up in prayer.  I've learned some of my most miserable times have been when I've wandered and neglected spending time in prayer.

Prayer changes everything.

I've discovered a special gem of a book on this very subject.  Diane Moody (whom I believe God has directly sent my way) has bravely written down truths from her own heart in CONFESSIONS OF A PRAYER SLACKER.  Listen, Diane doesn't tip-toe around the subject and she doesn't beat you up either.  She simply tells you what God has done in her life and how that change has put her back on the path of obedience!

God created you with fellowship in mind.  He planned it from the get-go.  He also gave you your own free will, you have the right to choose.  For me, I realize that in order for me to live at my prime (and who doesn't want to live at the top?) I have to nurture the relationship I have with my Lord.  I need Him, I need His guidance and I hunger for His mercy.  My life is a wreck when I try to manage it on my own.  Maybe you know what I'm talking about…

Bad attitudes creep in.

Snarky comments slip out.

Gossip seems harmless.

Angry outbursts become regular.

Frustration erupts.

Questionable activities (movies, tv shows, music, places) seem ok.

Whatever slips in and manages your habits and lifestyle.  These are all symptoms of drifting farther away from Christ.  The more you neglect studying God's word and listening to His voice the easier it becomes to fall into these traps.

My challenge for you is to make God a priority EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  I know how difficult this can be but I promise you–if you start your day with prayer and scripture you will soon see a change in your life.  I would also recommend you read Diane's book.  It is available right now on Amazon in Kindle for a whopping 0.00.  Trust me when I say….IT IS WORTH IT! 

One more thing…if you see me out and about I want you to ask me if I've had my quiet time.  It's my own personal challenge and I know that accountability is the best way to success!


Wednesday Friday

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Thank you Lord, it’s my Friday!  I didn’t get enough sleep last night and now I’m paying for it.  I have a busy day of finals ahead….but at 3:05, I’m finished!

Oh, bonus score–early payday too!

The disadvantage to that?  I won’t get another paycheck until January 13th 2012!  Boo!  One of my coworker’s told me she’s just ignoring the whole thing.  If she pretends she doesn’t have it, she won’t spend it.  Ha!  Yea, I wish it was that easy!

Before I go.  I’d like to petition prayer for a friend that needs it in a big way.  My hubby received a message that our friend and local Sheriff was attacked last night by two pitbulls.  He was flown to Louisville for surgery.  Serious surgery.  Please lift him up that God would restore him to full health.  He’s had some rough medical issues over the last few years and this is very serious.  He’s also a husband and father to two boys (HS & College).

God bless you, dear reader friends!  Christmas is upon us…..ARE YOU READY?

Jesus Calling

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010



 Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I received this book so long ago……the sweet folks at Thomas Nelson Publishing have probably written me and my review status off! I haven’t posted a word about it. It’s not that I didn’t want to….it’s just that it’s a daily devotional type book and I’ve been reading it! So, now is the perfect time for me to share just how I feel about the book. 

I love it! Sarah Young writes so beautifully from the perspective of God. Her words are like a healing balm on days that seem so fragile and rough. For the last few months, hubby and I have used Jesus Calling as our devotional together. We take turns reading the daily snippet and the other looks up the given scriptures that go along with it. Afterwards, we spend time in prayer together. We do this every night!

If I had several copies to share…..I would! It’s that good! I’m clinging to my own copy right now….selfishly savoring it for my own starving heart! Thank you to Sarah Young for writing such a beautiful devotional book and also to Thomas Nelson Publishing for allowing me to read and review it! It’s definitely one of my favorite books ever.

Hmm…..if you need a gift for someone….THIS BOOK IS IT!!

*I’ve been out of the loop long enough for some changes to take place. Thomas Nelson Publishing’s book reviews are handled through Book Sneeze. Same place just a little fancier set-up! I like it!