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Monday, April 2nd, 2018

It’s not too late.

I wonder how many think it’s too hard or too late to lead someone to saving faith in Christ. Thinking from my own perspective here and I know how many times I’ve turned the other way KNOWING someone I care about needs Jesus.

It’s a shame.

How grateful I am that when I was younger SOMEONE prayed for me, shared with me and loved me enough to not let me go to hell. The world is hurting, people are lost and believers are instructed to share the GOOD NEWS. But just like satan wants, many just sit idly by never mentioning the free offer of salvation to the people God puts right in their path.

What is the reason?

Fear, laziness….unsure what to say?

Maybe all of it. The truth is that God is always seeking us out. He is ready and waiting for each of us to choose Him, to trust Him and to believe what He says about who we are to Him.

It’s never too late. Until it’s too late. I read a testimony of a lady who just wasn’t sure of her father’s position with God. He’s very sick, has cancer and she is afraid he might die and go to hell. I can’t tell you where I got the courage to just blatantly ask my own mother about her salvation when she was nearing death. But I did it.

Someone you know right now does not know Christ personally.

Maybe many someones.

What are you doing about it?

I only ask because I feel this push to pray for the people I know aren’t followers of Jesus. I’ve gotten sidetracked by NOT wanting to infringe upon them my own faith. See how crafty the devil is? He convinces us that we are weird and that NO ONE wants to hear about our JESUS! He wants you and me to feel embarrassed about our faith in Christ.

Oh trust me, he does a jam up job telling us that we are out of line caring for or seeking out leading others to God. I mean, how many times have you ran into trouble with someone you love by telling them something about God? Many are resistant to seeing themselves as sinners in need of a Savior.

Who wants to be told they are wrong?

No one. Ever.

I’m ashamed of myself for being so wishy-washy with my prayer life for others. I’ve fallen for the “they don’t want Jesus” so why should I bother focusing on them. How wrong of me and how selfish of me to ignore their need for salvation. But, God tells me…it is not too late! Start praying! Soften my heart for the lost and keep on keeping on for their sake!

I’m challenged to pray for my top 5 friends or family members who do not know Christ personally. I commit to praying every day for as long as it takes. Can you think of 5 people who need you to pray for them? Listen, if you haven’t already figured it out…satan wants to confuse every living soul to the truth of who Jesus is and he is more than ready to lead every person to an eternity in hell.

He will make it as easy for us as possible to ignore the needs of others. Especially spiritual needs.

Do not harden your heart to the lost in your circles. No matter how awful they are about faith, pray. No matter how lost they seem, pray. No matter how many times they tell you to bug off, pray. No matter how much they tell you they don’t need Jesus, pray. No matter how dark their life gets, pray. No matter if they profess there is no God, pray. No matter if they walk out of your life (crazy Bible banger!), pray. No matter if they call you names, pray. No matter if they say you suck, pray. No matter if they say, “Leave me alone!”, pray.

It’s not too late.

Go, write down your top 5 and get started. Watch what God will do with your faithful prayers.

Forgive me for being selfish and keeping you all to myself. I don’t want to see the ones I love go through life without you. Thank you that I can do something powerful in their lives by praying for them. Help me to be light in this dark world. And God, hear my prayers for every lost soul.

What’s Important?

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

let it be love

The older I get the more I come face to face with who I am and what my purpose has been while living on this earth. I’ve been here 50 something years which means I’ve had plenty of time to get some important things accomplished. However, every day it seems as though I’m bombarded by voices telling me that I’ve fallen short and that I’ve wrecked some of the most important assignments God has given me.

As a follower of Christ, I really really really want to be faithful to what God has for me. I don’t want to waste time (yet, I have wasted so much selfishly) nor do I want to be superficial to anyone needing to see Christ in me. For years, I’ve thought foolishly that by being real to people (my friends & family) I was portraying a truthful look at what walking the Christian faith means. Fall down, get back up. Live forgiven. Do better.

I don’t know what God is doing in my life these days. My life feels like it’s on a perpetual high-speed wooden roller-coaster and I cannot get off when it screeches into the station for more passengers. Just more crazy thrill-seeking people hop on and I’m still strapped in for ONE MORE WILD SCREAMING RIDE! Like I can handle it.

I’m not really handling it well. I go up with my emotions and then crash down like a violent wreck that no one walks away from. Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic (remember, it’s my life not yours – don’t judge). In spite of the very real and frustrating reality of my husband’s unemployment for the last 8+ months (September 9th 2016, not that I’m counting!!!) I’ve got bigger issues that are nagging me and pulling me towards sadness.

I’m at a real turning point in my life. It’s a “here on out” kind of time and what I do from now on is just as important as what I was doing when I was tucking kids in at night and making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Only this time, I have a lot more freedom. No one is relying on me for guidance or protection or personal care. Matter of fact, they don’t even want me to offer a suggestion or opinion.

After a lifetime of parenting….they reach a point of NOT EVER LISTENING TO YOU AGAIN. That’s cool. I get it.

I’m faced with the question, what’s important?

Not all the things that I placed value on truly mattered. Some did, but not all. I mean, who cares about tons of home-cooked meals? Or spiffy, yummy smelling clean clothes? Those are just perks. Not true necessities. Kids who ate drive-thru meals and repeat wore so-so clothing are fine people and function perfectly well in society. Right?

I had a thought bubble pop up last night while I was loading the dishwasher – I wasn’t always very nice to my kids. As soon as the thought hit me, I felt a stab of regret. I was mean. Not all the time but enough that it hurts me to reflect on it. Maybe all moms are jerks at some point or another. I honestly don’t know how anyone purposefully hurts their kids (I did not do that…. but there were times I wasn’t as loving or kind as my kids probably needed me to be). I’m sorry for it.

Still, what’s important from me as a mom? To be nice? To be fair? To make homemade mac-n-cheese? To show love? To give of my time and energy? To let them make their own choices? To pick who they want to be or where they want to go? To butt out? To zip my lip and not point out weaknesses or celebrate strengths?

I’m here to tell you, all of that is important. Afterall, I am standing on the other side now and looking back….I can see clearly what worked and what didn’t. Instead of relishing all the things I did wrong – I think it’s important to focus on what I did right. I can’t help what anyone else does with their life (even my own kids) but I can tell you that if you don’t try your best to make an impact on the people in your life — God will hold both you and me accountable for it.

I chose to parent my kids under the headship of Jesus Christ and I would do it again. If my kids have children, I will continue to teach the love and forgiveness of Jesus to my grandchildren. It’s in me and it will always be until the day I die. I’m a Christian (a sinner saved by grace) and I will not waste my time or His while I’m here on earth being silent about my faith. If I’ve learned anything in 50 years it’s that life is fleeting and there are no guarantees of a tomorrow. Being nice and not offending someone with the gospel of Jesus Christ is dangerous. While I don’t want to live with earthly regret…. knowing I’ve shied away from sharing Christ with someone who dies and goes to hell is a consequence beyond regret.

It’s important to do the good work of Jesus as a parent, friend & stranger. This world doesn’t just need “nice” people it needs the faithful who care about the eternal destination of those around them.

What’s important to you?

stand firm

Pray Mama

Monday, February 27th, 2012

If you're a mother, then you know the tight hold children have on your heartstrings. Even when they grow taller than you, the love you feel is as strong as the first time you held them in your arms.  It's forever.

I read a post HERE recently about a praying mother.  It reminded me of how many times I've prayed for my own kids.  While none of them have ever been possessed by an unclean spirit, they have had serious issues and needs.  They also know that I pray for them and appreciate my love for God and them.

They are confidant in both.

I stood witness to a funeral yesterday.  The mother torn and hurting for a grown child who made choices way too terrible to understand.  Her love for him was clear but her love for God, not so much.  When I asked her if she had a favorite verse, she had none.  She didn't have anything of God to cling to because she didn't know Him.

The sting of death is unbearable when you have no hope of heaven.  As a mom, I struggled watching them suffer with the confusion they were left with.  I pray that the words spoken by God's vessel (my husband) ministered to them and helped in some way.  I believe that the heart is most accepting when it is at its weakest.  Maybe lives will be changed because of this one lost.

Is there anything you wouldn't do for your kids?


If you're not sure how important it is to teach your kids about God and his love & forgiveness….let this be a lesson.  Teach them, model Christ's love and follow His ways–someone is watching.

You Can Fly

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

These days I’m face to face with the reality that my mothering opportunities are nearly complete. Not that I will stop being a mother, only that I will not be in the position to train them any longer. They’re grown and there’s not much I can do about it.

So, I reflect.

It’s important that I’ve covered some basics with each of them as I slowly cut them from my mama apron. From the moment I was told about them I prayed for their salvation. I’m thankful for all three of my kids’ decision to follow Christ. It makes my heart swell….God’s grace is so lavish, huh? Trust me, I am an example of it.

Teaching them to love outside of themselves has been an important task. I know just how easy it is to love self. Jesus taught repeatedly about loving other’s. I believe that’s a quality that will outlast many others. I pray….each of them will always love those God places in their path.

Can they do what they need to do in life? Have I given them wings to fly? It may sound crazy but what if I skipped this part? What if I prepared them for heaven and loving others but didn’t give them courage to fly high?

If you’re like me (a mom) and you’re wondering what else should be on your to-do list while raising your kids. Here’s a little something to ensure your kids will have a license to fly.

–Love without boundaries. Don’t just say you love them, show it. Never be jealous or selfish with it.
–Don’t manipulate. If you want your kids to do something, ask. Let them know you have a need but don’t force them to be perfect.
–Practice a good attitude. Instead of being critical, bite your tongue!
–Trust God & them that they have what it takes to fly. Really, trust Him.

You are the ultimate example to follow. Help me to teach my children your qualities. Let my thoughts be pure and my heart be righteous in every example I lay before them. I pray for them to fly with the faith that comes from knowing you.

Greatest Gift

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

On a day when I feel my world is crumbling down around me….this pops up on my Facebook page.

Your love for me is outrageous! You know just how to show me love and tenderness at precisely the right time. Thank you. It’s only because of you that I can do anything.