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You Can Fly

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

These days I’m face to face with the reality that my mothering opportunities are nearly complete. Not that I will stop being a mother, only that I will not be in the position to train them any longer. They’re grown and there’s not much I can do about it.

So, I reflect.

It’s important that I’ve covered some basics with each of them as I slowly cut them from my mama apron. From the moment I was told about them I prayed for their salvation. I’m thankful for all three of my kids’ decision to follow Christ. It makes my heart swell….God’s grace is so lavish, huh? Trust me, I am an example of it.

Teaching them to love outside of themselves has been an important task. I know just how easy it is to love self. Jesus taught repeatedly about loving other’s. I believe that’s a quality that will outlast many others. I pray….each of them will always love those God places in their path.

Can they do what they need to do in life? Have I given them wings to fly? It may sound crazy but what if I skipped this part? What if I prepared them for heaven and loving others but didn’t give them courage to fly high?

If you’re like me (a mom) and you’re wondering what else should be on your to-do list while raising your kids. Here’s a little something to ensure your kids will have a license to fly.

–Love without boundaries. Don’t just say you love them, show it. Never be jealous or selfish with it.
–Don’t manipulate. If you want your kids to do something, ask. Let them know you have a need but don’t force them to be perfect.
–Practice a good attitude. Instead of being critical, bite your tongue!
–Trust God & them that they have what it takes to fly. Really, trust Him.

You are the ultimate example to follow. Help me to teach my children your qualities. Let my thoughts be pure and my heart be righteous in every example I lay before them. I pray for them to fly with the faith that comes from knowing you.