Wednesday Friday

Thank you Lord, it’s my Friday!  I didn’t get enough sleep last night and now I’m paying for it.  I have a busy day of finals ahead….but at 3:05, I’m finished!

Oh, bonus score–early payday too!

The disadvantage to that?  I won’t get another paycheck until January 13th 2012!  Boo!  One of my coworker’s told me she’s just ignoring the whole thing.  If she pretends she doesn’t have it, she won’t spend it.  Ha!  Yea, I wish it was that easy!

Before I go.  I’d like to petition prayer for a friend that needs it in a big way.  My hubby received a message that our friend and local Sheriff was attacked last night by two pitbulls.  He was flown to Louisville for surgery.  Serious surgery.  Please lift him up that God would restore him to full health.  He’s had some rough medical issues over the last few years and this is very serious.  He’s also a husband and father to two boys (HS & College).

God bless you, dear reader friends!  Christmas is upon us…..ARE YOU READY?

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