Freedom In Christ

I’m leisurely waking up this morning to my first day of Christmas break.  I have a few “to do” things on my list but have all intentions of taking it easy and enjoying my freedom.  Thanks to a sinus infection, I have a touch of the yuck to drag around with me.  So, my fun will be limited.  😉

I’ve shared before how tough it is to live far away from family.  Especially when something sad happens.  This morning’s news is shocking.  In the last few months, my husband’s Uncle Bill passed away, his cousin Mildred Ann (his age) and now another cousin Billy (a few years younger than us & Uncle Bill’s son).  I can’t describe how helpless I feel.  My family has to be torn up.

My heart, although 1000 miles away is breaking.

Please pray for my family.  This seems like so much to handle right now, just after losing their dad.

(Left to right) Chris (cousin), Gavin (my son), Don (my hubby), David (cousin), Dean (hubby’s bro), Billy (cousin).

Lord Jesus

I pray for my family in Florida & Washington.  They are hurting and confused, like my own here in Indiana.  Death stings but your promise of eternity reminds us we have glory to look forward to.  Thank you for your death and resurrection that assures me — I have the promise of spending my eternity with you.


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