Early morning serenade….

This morning….Miss Ally rolled out of bed in the wee hours (around 5:40am) to take her show on the road.  She and a fellow Touch of Class member, Brad prepared a little ditty for our local Kiwainas Club breakfast.  They meet every Thursday morning at 6:30am at a popular restaurant in town (to eat conduct ….business!!).  🙂

The TOC group takes a trip during Spring Break (in March) and each student is responsible for raising the funds to go.  Brad and Ally performed in hopes to gain a few sponsors for the many programs they offer throughout the school year.  Each event gives the sponsor recognition and good advertisement.  So, it’s a win-win!  The student earns a little money for their trip….and the sponsor’s get great advertisement.

Here’s the early morning serenade.  I love how a bell rings just as Ally sings, “You ring my bell”!  Very cute (that’s order up….not a planned ding).  Crack me up!

Oh…isn’t she just the cutest kid?  Gosh, I love her!
Also, this is the same duet Sweetboy sang last year when he was a member of TOC! Go see….third video down. Gosh, I love him too….and miss him!


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