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Animation Avenue

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Isn’t it cool to watch your kids shine? This weekend was that kind of time for my family. The long awaited Touch of Class concert blew us all away. Long hours, hard work and tons of practice paid off. The show was fantastic!

Ally singing her senior solo. Just beautiful!

All I can say is WOW! Congratulations, Ally! We are so very proud of you and all your hard work. May God continue to work through you in all that you do. You’re beautiful inside and out. XOXO, Mom!

A Walk on Broadway

Monday, November 16th, 2009




You know how sometimes words just seem so futile? Well, that’s how I feel trying to come up with something adequate to describe this weekend’s show. It was amazing! It made me smile and laugh….and beam with pride! I loved it!

There’s something very special about seeing your kids perform. Especially when they work so hard and invest so much of themselves into it. A Touch of Class is a top notch group of students. Each of them bring something unique and special to the stage. I have a hard time picking favorites. Well, except for my own…..of course! 🙂

We had tickets for Saturday night’s show. I read the many brags and accolades on Facebook after Friday’s show and my excitement was about to get the best of me. Ally, you really shine when you are on stage. I loved every song and dance. Your “quick” solo two lines……was the best show opener I’ve seen in a long time!

Can’t wait to see you do your thing the rest of the school year! Your hard work sure did pay off! The show ROCKED!

My Kids! Ally, Gavin & Gates!


(Remember….click on video link twice to open it up)

Early morning serenade….

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

This morning….Miss Ally rolled out of bed in the wee hours (around 5:40am) to take her show on the road.  She and a fellow Touch of Class member, Brad prepared a little ditty for our local Kiwainas Club breakfast.  They meet every Thursday morning at 6:30am at a popular restaurant in town (to eat conduct ….business!!).  🙂

The TOC group takes a trip during Spring Break (in March) and each student is responsible for raising the funds to go.  Brad and Ally performed in hopes to gain a few sponsors for the many programs they offer throughout the school year.  Each event gives the sponsor recognition and good advertisement.  So, it’s a win-win!  The student earns a little money for their trip….and the sponsor’s get great advertisement.

Here’s the early morning serenade.  I love how a bell rings just as Ally sings, “You ring my bell”!  Very cute (that’s order up….not a planned ding).  Crack me up!

Oh…isn’t she just the cutest kid?  Gosh, I love her!
Also, this is the same duet Sweetboy sang last year when he was a member of TOC! Go see….third video down. Gosh, I love him too….and miss him!