Aren’t ya glad?

Aren’t ya glad….
to know a smidgen of how much God loves you?
to have a family that loves you….in spite of really knowing you?
to have a home that’s warm and most likely filled with fun things, food, and comfort?
to be a friend?
to have friends?
to work?
to be able to go to God with anything?
that He trusts you with His kingdom work?
that He gave you the life that He did?
someone shared Christ with you?
that you’re going to heaven?

Yea… too! I was just wondering if anyone else was glad!    🙂


I’m happy to have all my chicks in the nest today. Gavin came in last night and surprised us with a visit (little did he know that today was LEAF WORK DAY!!!). Only 2 more days until my baby turns 15!!! Geez, Gates….come on girl! You’re just a baby!  I luv U!


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