November 9th, 1994 was an exciting day in our lives! We hadn’t planned on a third baby…..but God did. I can testify, He knows best! We are so very thankful that He chose our family……to share Gates. Fifteen years ago, I had no idea what an impact this little person would have on my heart.

You have the biggest most sensitive heart. Everyday I spend with you in my life…..I want to be a better me. You’re a blessing that I never want to live without. You used to tell me when you were little that when you grew up…..you were going live right next door to me. That way, we’d never have to be apart. I hope you do! You are precious to me!
I love you….soooooooo much!

You know that person in families that willingly takes care of aged parents?
Yea….that’s Gates!


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