It’s that time again….

I wasn’t expecting it….but I will surely take it! A 2 hour delay!! Yay! And it’s on a Friday! Even better. Thank you Lord. It’s amazing what a few extra hours in the morning before school does for your spirit! I’m feeling pretty awesome!

We weren’t delayed for snow or ice this time… was foggy! It was still very foggy when we drove to school at 10:00am. Crazy weather.
I can’t help but compare the fog in our vision to the sin we hold onto in our hearts. Both blind you….impare you and hold you back from something. They keep you parked right where you are. No going forward.

I don’t want to be stuck. Do you? The only way out of that is to rid myself of the sin that holds me so tightly. That’s my focus today. Clean out, reboot, move ahead……confess!

Lord Jesus
Thank you for a little extra time this morning. It’s times like these that give me reflective moments to make changes in my life. I don’t want to live under the darkness of sin. Help me to clean out anything in my heart that doesn’t bring you honor and glory!


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