Black Friday…It’s not for everyone!

I’m not good with crowds! I just don’t like them! They bring out the worst in people (I think). I mean….who really likes pushy aggressive crazy people in the store? Nobody! That’s why I don’t get all excited about shopping on Black Friday! It’s just not my thing!

I like the fun of shopping….just not all the people! I ventured out on Friday (not at the wee hours) but at around lunchtime. It was not pretty! People had scavaged (is that a word?) all over the stores. There wasn’t anything of value left to buy. I went looking for a few good deals…..NOT! It wasn’t worth it.

I think I’ve figured out why they call it Black Friday though. It’s a reflection of the hearts of those out and about. Even the sales clerks and store employees were mean. I asked for assistance (very kindly) and was pretty much snapped at with eye rolls included. I really do not like unfriendly service…..especially when it takes more effort to be a meanie than it does to just be nice! 🙂

After all the catastrophe’s that have plagued my family over the last few months…..Christmas shopping is the last thing we’ll be doing anyway. It seems that one thing after another has managed to hit our family.

First….Gates was way overdue for her eye exam and she needed contacts. That was not in the budget but needed to be done. Did it!
Second….Ally kept saying she COULDN’T see and she was right. Back to the eye doctor and $400 later…..glasses! Not in the budget again. But necessary!
Third….Gavin calls with the terrible toothache! Yes….the root canal visit! REALLY not in the budget….$750. And now he feels good again.
And finally…the creme de la creme of issues! Our hot water heater busted a leak and had to be replaced! We had babied it long enough. By this past week it had to be replaced. Water was pouring down in our garage. Bad sign! Cause living in Indiana…..and showering in cold water is not a healthy way to go!

I’m thankful. Thankful that I have a family to love and care for. Thankful that I have a house to live in and shower in. It’s not going to be the kind of Christmas we would wish for (again). But we will have each other and we’ll be warm and fed. Life doesn’t always go as we plan, does it? But God knows…..and he has a purpose for everything. So, I’m going to trust Him and lean on Him….just like His word tells me I can.

Won’t you do the same?

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