It’s tradition

We’ve been doing it for years…’s our tradition. Every Christmas eve….we watch Jim Carrey’s version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas! We can’t help it. We love it that much! And we still laugh and cackle as if it were the first time. It’s one of our all-time favorites!

So, guess what we’re doing? Yep, watching the movie! 🙂


We also like to open up one present on Christmas eve. This year we’ve done things a little different in that area. The kids have gotten a few gifts along the way the last few weeks (things that they’ve really needed). The girls both opened up a dress for tonight’s Christmas eve service….so I guess that counts as a gift tonight. Right? Plus, they bought Christmas pj’s today and are wearing them as a gift to themselves.

They look so cute! Can you see how excited they are? Gavin isn’t wearing jammies….he’s in his Indiana shorts and a tee shirt. But he’s got big muscles, huh? He’s one arming two sisters like it’s nothing!

christmas-choir-shows-09-082sm         It’s almost time for bed……we’ll be waking up to Monkey Bread for breakfast after all the present hoopla.  It’s such an exciting time!  Even when your kids are teenagers!

                HO HO HO!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS, YA’LL!

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